Comforter's Life Choices

The mission field created by abortion is staggering; worldwide, 46-50 million children lose their lives to abortion each year, while agencies promoting abortion already exist in our country, operating in the name of reproductive health, and making efforts to mislead Ugandans for the need to have an abortion legalized.

The Comforter’s Life Choices is working on the contrary to reach men and women for Jesus Christ and the truth about abortion.  The Comforter’s Life Choices is a lighthouse of hope, truth, safety and life in the community.

The Comforter’s Life Choices is unique in that we view issued created by abortion as a mission field.  The mission field created by abortion is enormous impacting nearly every nation.  The pre-born are the largest hidden people group on earth, comprised of over 210 million conceived every year.  They are also the largest persecuted people group on earth with over 46 million killed through abortion annually.  The Comforter’s Life Choices is called to make a difference in response to abortion epidemic and in fulfilling the great commission.

Comforter’s Life Choices Mission Statement and Purpose

We purpose to see lives saved physically and transformed spiritually through sharing the truth of God’s Word and the redemptive message of Jesus Christ in the mission field created by abortion and sexuality.

The Comforter’s Life Choices works through volunteers who extend God’s love, hope and healing to those hurting due to unplanned pregnancies and post abortions.  It is also a place that centers on helping to heal those who have a broken heart due to past mistakes.  We share the gospel with God’s love and forgiveness to our clients and help them become followers of Jesus Christ as we offer the following services:

1). Free Pregnancy tests and counseling.  We help women faced with unplanned pregnancies to choose life for their pre-born babies.

2). Abstinence Education:  Teaching and promoting biblical sexuality and God’s divine design for marriage.

3). Abortion recovery: Helping men and women who have undergone abortion to receive healing and a have a new hope in Christ.

4). Support services: We help to build strong character and families.  We provide facts and information about abstinence, risks of abortion, sexually transmitted diseases and related issues.

5). Other Services include: emotional support, information on pregnancy, childbirth classes, parenting classes, adoption referrals, medical and legal referrals, education on risks and consequences of abortion alternatives, healing support.