Aliyah's Story

Janae and Rodney Hostetter’s story: (Lancaster, PA)

Janae and Rodney were elated when they found out they were pregnant in February of 2010. Their joy, however, was cut short when a three month ultrasound revealed abnormalities with their daughter’s brain.  The doctor told them that their child would only survive a couple hours after birth, if at all, and informed them that there were ‘options.’  Abortion was never an option for Janae and Rodney.  God had given them this baby girl, Aliyah Joy, and they were committed to loving her for as long as she lived, even if she did not survive outside the womb.  The final six months of pregnancy carried more sorrows than joys, but God was extremely faithful through it all.

Veronica Riechert’s story:

Veronica Riechert was not supposed to survive. But by the grace of God, Veronica lived, even though she would be physically disabled the rest of her life by her mother’s abortion attempt.  As Veronica grew up, God had His hand on her life…….giving her the chance for an education, and revealing His love and salvation to her through those He put in her path.  After losing her beloved sister from complications of an abortion, Veronica knew God had placed a great mission upon her life……..to stand for the unborn babies who were carelessly being tossed away each day in Africa, and to save the lives of other young mothers like her sister.

Veronica saw God’s hand at work as she began The Comforter’s Life Choices where she and her staff could share the love of Jesus with young women who felt they had no choice but to have an abortion. Through education, counseling, mama kits, Bible Studies, and support, they were standing for the life of countless unborn babies in Uganda.  God expanded Veronica’s vision to include a house of prayer, where not only the mothers, but all people are welcome to come and pray for the life of unborn babies.

God’s Story:

In spite of months of praying for her healing, Aliyah Joy passed away while being born on October 25, 2010.  As a way of honoring her life, Janae and Rodney searched for an organization to support with the money raised in Aliyah’s honor.  After considering many options, they felt led to give the donations to The Comforter’s Life Choices. They had learned of Veronica’s pioneering work through Janae’s Aunt and Uncle who were actively supporting Veronica through their ministry, Konnecting and Multiplying International (KAMInternational).

God was clearly at work bringing the legacy of Aliyah Joy to Africa, and so Aliyah’s grandparents, Miles and Dawnell Yoder, traveled to Uganda in January of 2012 with KAMInternational.  After meeting Veronica and having the privilege of praying with some of the mothers and their children, Miles and Dawnell knew that God was asking them to partner with Veronica. Veronica felt God calling her to make provision for suitable housing such as an apartment building that would serve two purposes:1) provide long term sustainable income for The Comforter’s Life Choices, and 2) opportunities to minister to low income families or single moms, who they could help with family discipleship and parenting skills.

Through faith, Veronica had already secured land for the apartments to be built on, believing that God would supply the $50,000. for the building. The Housing Complex  would be called The Aliyah Joy House.