Aliyah Joy Housing Project




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Montpelier, Ohio 43543

Who We Are

KAMInternational is a non profit organization formed from the inner workings of grace within the Body of Christ.  “Konnecting (the Body of Christ) and Multiplying (the Kingdom of God)” is the mandate given to KAMInternational.

Konnecting and Multiplying International serves in this capacity locally, regionally and internationally with a focus on preparing the Body of Christ for the return of the Messiah, Jesus Christ the King!  This includes differing areas of preparedness and sustainability, through hands on training, instruction in the Word of God through sound and mature bible teachers; and to build relationships globally through discipleship by helping others develop their skillsets that can be used to advance the Kingdom of God..

KAMInternational has been teaching and training since 2003, working with others to see the Kingdom of God connect resources and multiply the Kingdom more efficiently as we work hand in hand for this accomplishment. Not only has KAMInternational been tirelessly working in the US, but in the nations, specifically in Uganda, Africa.

Being involved in Uganda since 2005, we have seen the hand of God providing for each and every assignment He sets us out to accomplish.  These past two years have been just that!  Completing the Aliyah Joy Housing Project!  We hope you will read the story of Aliyah and the updates that we now have for you.  It is with such joy and honor to be a part of the LIFE SAVING means for babies and children in Africa and to stand for the Sanctity of LIFE in Uganda and in the world!