Aliyah Joy Housing Project

The Aliyah Joy House Housing Project!

Bit by bit we worked towards the completion of this building. 09/18

For the past year, our efforts in completing the Aliyah Joy House in Namulonge, Uganda has been the focus of a self sustaining income for the Comforter Center, a pregnancy center in Kampala.


Currently this project is being constructed to be a 6-unit apartment building to house small families and single moms, allowing them to have a safe and healthy environment in a developing neighborhood. The rent from this property will generate income for the Comforter Center, a crisis pregnancy center in Kampala, Uganda.  With your help through KAMInternational,  Aliyah Joy Housing Project will be debt free.  Partnering with the Comforter Center will create sufficient income for the Center to continue their mission of rescuing the unborn from abortion, providing emotional and social services support and most importantly, seeing lives transformed through the truth of God’s Word.

On January 6, 2019, a team of 20 gathered with many other guests at the Aliyah Joy Housing Project for a special Dedication unto the Lord for HIS provision thus far.  It was a powerful time of realizing the sacrifice made for the preservation of LIFE in Uganda.

Parents of Aliyah Joy, Rodney and Janae Hostetter dedicated the building with a special plaque that proclaimed the scripture that the Lord had given to them.











The final touches to the building are still in progress, but already they have a list of those wanting to rent the facility!  We are so close to the finish line.  If you would like to give towards the completion of this building, please send your check to:

KAMInternational, 2040 State Route 108, Wauseon, Ohio 43567

Aliyah Joy Hostetter: A child who never lived outside of the womb, but whose legacy continues through the countless lives of saved babies through the work of the Comforter Center.