Aliyah Joy Housing Project


Beginning construction of Aliyah Joy House

Through the incredible efforts and generosity of many friends and family members of Aliyah’s parents and grandparents, $50,000 was raised to begin the work on the Aliyah Joy Housing Project.  Each and every brick laid was done so by the hands of the people of Uganda.  How exciting it was to see such an incredible vision begin before our eyes!

With a strong momentum forward, our prayers are that this year, by October 25, 2018, we will be able to complete the Aliyah Joy Housing Project .   Currently this project is being constructed to be a 6-unit apartment building to house small families and single moms, allowing them to have a safe and healthy environment in a developing neighborhood. The rent from this property will generate income for the Comforter Center, a crisis pregnancy center in Kampala, Uganda.  With your help through KAMInternational,  Aliyah Joy Housing Project will be debt free.  Partnering with the Comforter Center will create sufficient income for the Center to continue their mission of rescuing the unborn from abortion, providing emotional and social services support and most importantly, seeing lives transformed through the truth of God’s Word.

The roof is on the 6 unit apartment building for low income families and single mothers

The roof is now on and the next steps involve drilling the well, plumbing, electrical and plastering.  The Director for the Comforter Center tells us that once the funds are raised, the building will be completed quickly.

Each and every penny donated will help give someone a nice home, and will also help to save babies from fetal destruction.

March 2018 – New Septic tank being put into place

Will you join us in this endeavor?  You can donate by Pay Pal, or you can send a check to:KAMInternational, 2040 State Route 108, Wauseon, Ohio 43567.  (All donations are tax deductible)  Our goal is raise $105,000.00 by October 2018!


(View Completed Project here: AJH Front)

It is our desire for KAMInternational to take two teams to Uganda this year, along with family members of Aliyah Joy to physically help them complete the work and to dedicate this building to the Lord Jesus and His Kingdom.

Thank you on behalf of Aliyah Joy and her family.

Aliyah Joy Hostetter: A child who never lived outside of the womb, but whose legacy continues through the countless lives of saved babies through the work of the Comforter Center.