Rukungiri Kitchen Project 2014

Over the years, KAMInternational has been able to make connections in so many parts of the world.  One of the special places in Uganda that we love to visit and to help is in Rukungiri, Uganda.  It is a village near the borders of the Congo and is a very special place where a Ugandan couple had a burden to see the orphans there have an education in a Godly environment.

Since our first trip there in 2009, a school has been built and about 300 children are now receiving a good education, along with food in their bellies and the gospel message being included in their education.        Africa 2012 279

The pictures shown are the current conditions of the kitchen where they feed the 300  children two times a day. KAMInternational desires to help to raise funds to enable them to build a modern kitchen that will accommodate their needs, feeding the children on the local food supply, such as millet, sweet potatoes, maize and rice that they are growing on the land where the school is located.Africa 2012 280

 Our efforts of fundraising for the school is  to give them a HAND UP and to provide a much needed modern facility with modern stoves.  A new kitchen will immediately increase the hygiene and sanitation for the children by providing them with a healthy and safe environment to store and prepare the food.


Thank you to the family that made the large donation and secured the work of the kitchen!  What a praise that you have sent to other side of the world!!!   Also, a huge thanks New Hope Community Church, Ohio for their amazing support and continued raising of funds to complete all that needs to be done at Rukungiri!

 Here is the finished kitchen!  The smiles of the faces let you see how excited they are to now be able to have healthy food from a clean new kitchen!





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