KLB Banners

Kingdom Building with the Love of Christ

K L B Banners is a ministry started by Kim Lauber and supported by her husband Bruce Lauber. Kim attended Kendall School of Design in 1974 and has been painting something ever since. The ministry began in 2003 when Kim volunteered to paint a banner for a conference and sensed God’s anointing on the painting.

Bruce and Kim live in NW Ohio and enjoy their home in the country. In their home,      Kim paints banners, signs and backgrounds for ministries. Kim has painted banners for Konnecting And Multiplying International Ministries, Marchiano Ministries, and many local churches. Bruce and Kim have been active supporters of KAMI and also Marchiano Ministries (www.brucemarchiano.com). Marchiano Ministries is now producing a new Jesus movie like none other called, “Jesus, no greater love” www.newjesusmovie.com .

Bruce and Kim realize how helpful it is to have a large sign or banner visible when planning a ministry event because they are actively involved. Each sign or banner is unique and custom made with each ministry in mind. Much prayer is involved when creating a new product. When contacting the ministry, be sure to include prayer requests, as prayer is a big part of this ministry. Every part of the body of Christ working together as a family, makes theKingdom ofGod tangible.

The banners, signs and backgrounds can be used for weddings, conferences, church events or whatever your need may be. Contact us at kimbruce@embarqmail.com or call 419-446-2386.

All products are custom made and unique. When ordering a sign, banner or background, a price will be negotiated.  Basic sizes and prices are as follows: 30″ x 40″  $125.00    35″ x 60″  $200.00  108″ x 108″  $600.00