Global Positioning of the Saints

GPS is not about a move of God that thrust people forward and formed in them a sense of belonging, although it did just that.  GPS is not about a nation needing its people to repent and become aware of their dire need for the Savior, although it did just that.  GPS is not about the resources that poured out from heaven that even the unsaved gave without really knowing why they were investing, although they did just that

GPS was an example of how we as believers have lived independently for so long that we were not aware that these days would release to us a genuine BELIEF that we can and will make a difference, side by side, back to back, and shoulder to shoulder. GPS is about the Spirit of God speaking to us in His spiritual language that those who attended heard and responded to.  GPS was a catalyst to wake up the snoring, lethargic, and closed-eyed Church.  This alarm has sounded, and we who have been a part of such a piercing summons, cannot move forward until we recognize the cost and labor ahead that must be embedded into our very core so that we will never again fall prey to the same sleeping aids that we once were accustomed to taking.

 There is a new move of God in the earth, and it is the sound of God’s people aligning themselves hand to hand, shoulder to shoulder, and side by side to labor together to bring in the white and ready harvest that is coming into the Kingdom of God.  Let us become generous in our thinking, giving and in our partnerships, so that we can GLOBALLY vehemently advance taking the Kingdom of darkness by force and bringing out the captives into the Kingdom of Light!  You are a part of the Global Positioning of the Saints!