Multiplying / Projects

“Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not. ” ― Pablo Picasso

Konnecting and Multiplying International is a non profit that believes that creativity is a part of all human DNA.  Therefore, the possibility of God’s inspiration supernaturally imposed upon ours removes the impossibility.  Time and time again, KAMInternational has seen that very principle manifested in what we hear and see in prayer, come to life by faith to believe that He is able to take the little fishes and loaves and turn it into a full fledged buffet!

Multiplying the Kingdom has to do with taking the little we have to offer and using it for the Glory of God and publishing HIS name on the final product.  Nothing is too small or difficult that the Father has to dig deep into his pockets to think about how to make it into something.  After all, every detail of creation has a function and purpose, all designed to work for the Kingdom.

Konnecting and Multiplying International is committed to each of the projects you see on our website.  Out of listening prayer, we step into the plan directed by God to complete each assignment.  In doing so, we watch Him build the networks around us so every part needed to complete the task has already been prepared in advance.and fits perfectly into place, with new relationships and dicipleship always being the final outcome.

Konnecting and Multiplying International:  Konnecting the Body and Multiplying the Kingdom!