Caring Hands

The goal of Caring Hands is to break the cycle of poverty in families in Uganda, Africa.

 This ministry distributes food, provides beds, school fees for their children, agricultural seeds, and sponsors medical clinics. Women are trained in making beads from recycled paper which is made into beautiful jewelry and marketed around the world. It is the main source of income for Caring Hands. Through Caring Hands ministry they are now earning a living for themselves and their families. This has given the women self esteem, smiling faces and HOPE.

 Below is the catalog of the products made by these beautiful women. 100% of the sales is sent directly back to Ugandato help Caring Hands to continue developing programs and services for them. Take a minute to browse the catalog. To order or ask questions, please contact me (Boots Schrock) at 419-906-1226 or