Kingdom Connecting Int’l

Little did I realize what God had in store for me when I returned from a Mission trip to Uganda in January, 2008. Of course I was greatly impacted by the lives I touched while in that beautiful country. Indeed my heart was tied to theirs tighter than I wanted to admit.

My souvenir of recycled paper jewelry is made by each bead individually hand rolled, then woven together to make the necklace, bracelet and earrings. I also ha001_1d received a handcrafted purse as a gift from the women I had ministered to.

These items were special. I had seen and prayed with the women who made these items. I would never forget them.        I was connected with them.  My co-workers and friends were intrigued with jewelry and bags as well. They asked again and again, “Can we order those items too?” So began my search.

Much to my amazement, when I contacted the ministry regarding ordering the jewelry, the woman I talked with remembered me from five months earlier!!! God’s favor was surely in all of the connections with both ministries. Each ministry, Caring Hands and Kalaya School was thrilled to send product to me to sell for them here in the States. After much searching and praying a non-profit organization, Kingdom Connecting International, was birthed. Our mission is to connect the body of Christ by networking with individuals of all nations and to recognize their talents as a valuable part of the Kingdom of God, and to use these gifts to promote Kingdom activity and multiplication.

I welcome you to join me in supporting these women through Kingdom Connecting International. Your purchase of all items will make a huge impact on the lives of these impoverished women. 100% of the sales are sent directly toUganda to help these women in their endeavors. At present I have several ways for you to support this ministry. They are as follows:

~A store in my home at 17707 County Road F, Wauseon, OH 43567 which is open at your request by calling (419) 906-1226.

 ~Several Open Houses at my home each year. If you would like to be e-mailed a notice of these events, please e-mail me at

~Bead Parties. You host the party at your home and I bring the products to your guests.

 ~Speaking engagements with your church groups, etc. with the opportunity to purchase items at that gathering.