About Us

Konnecting and Multiplying International

KAMInternational is a non profit 501C3 organization formed from the inner workings of grace within the Body of Christ.  Its initial conception has been birthed out of the actual relationships that have spanned the globe as Steve and Darla Kruse have traveled and have submitted to the Lord’s desire for them to see the manifestation of Christ’s love and power come upon the earth as His Word instructs for us to do as He did.  In so doing, they have built connections with others who too, like them, are looking to link up to work side by side to complete our commission to “go and make disciples”.

Steve and Darla believe in relational Christianity, based  first and foremost upon the mandate given to us as His Bride, “to love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength and to love one another as ourselves”.   

Steve and Darla have watched the Father supernaturally connect them to people/ministries/congregations across the globe, networking their resources to assure that the Kingdom of God is advanced through the gifts and calls of those of like heart.  Their most solemn desire is “to utilize the gift of God in every saint, to establish the Kingdom of God in every nation”.

KAMInternational is a serving ministry, carrying a mandate to “Konnect and Multiply” the various aspects of His Kingdom in equipping, networking and crisis preparation.