Who we are and what we’re doing!

KAMInternational is a non profit 501C3 organization formed from the inner workings of grace within the Body of Christ.  “Konnecting (the Body of Christ) and Multiplying (the Kingdom of God)” is the mandate given to KAMInternational. 

Konnecting and Multiplying International serves in this capacity locally, regionally and internationally with a focus on preparing the Body of Christ for the return of the Messiah, Jesus Christ the King!  This includes differing areas of preparedness and sustainability, through hands on training, instruction in the Word of God through sound and mature bible teachers; and to build relationships globally through discipleship by helping others develop their skillsets that can be used to advance the Kingdom of God..

2018 has brought to us a focus unlike any other.  We are partnering with the Comforter Center in Kampala, Uganda to complete a project called the Aliyah Joy Housing Project. We have been building relationship with Comforter Center since 2008.  We believe that they are called to “preach the gospel” by saving lives of children in Uganda. 

We encourage you to read the story of Aliyah Joy and fully grasp the motivation and eagerness that KAMInternational has as an active participant in rescuing the lives of unborn babies.  We hope that Aliyah’s inspirational story will encourage you in the endeavors of the Kingdom, serving and praying with others to see “His Kingdom come, His will be done on earth” by financially and prayerfully partnering with us so we can all be the gospel to those who are perishing!

Our projected completion date of the Aliyah Joy Housing Project is October 25, 2018.